Avista Psychiatric ServicesAvista Psychiatric Services, PC, located in beautiful Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and offers treatment of a broad range of psychiatric issues including mild to severe mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, ADHD as well as a full range of other developmental disorders, eating disorders, co-occurring substance dependence issues, psychiatric changes due to concomitant medical conditions, personality disorders, as well as many other conditions. Founded by its director, board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Dolinski, Avista Psychiatric Services, PC, is an office dedicated to diagnostic precision and the utilization of all methods of treatment currently available in the field of psychiatry for the sole purpose of providing effective relief to those suffering from such conditions. Much unlike the typical clinic experience, a personal approach is paramount at Avista, wherein the time necessary is taken to identify the genuine source of difficulty, and a team atmosphere maintained at all times between patients and their psychiatrist and/or therapist.

Avista Psychiatric Services

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Our new state of the art facility is located at 3655 Route 202, Suite 125 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. We have expanded in size and staff in order to provide the very highest quality psychotherapy, counseling, and medication management services available for individuals and families alike.  We accept both adolescent and adult patients.  Although you will find a cursory review of our services on this site, if we can provide any further information or assistance, please contact us at (215) 345-8208.


Our New Address:
Avista Psychiatric Services, PC,
3655 Route 202,
Suite 125
Doylestown, Pa 18902

Phone: 215-345-8208 
Fax: 215-345-8256
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